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1. What Utican was listed in 2014 as the 428th richest man in the world, with a net worth of 4 billion?

What downtown store sold Boy Scout uniforms & supplies?

3. What 1977 sports movie was partially filmed at the Utica Memorial Auditorium?

4. What famous entertainment personality got his start in the mailroom of radio station WRUN?

5. What was the nickname for the intersection of Genesee Street & Bleecker Street?

6. What restaurant's sign still says "Where The Music Is On The Plate"? Where was it originally located?

7. What Utican drove #4 at Fonda and Utica-Rome Speedways?

8. What movie theaters were on three corners of the same intersection?

What Drive-In Theater had two screens?

What Utica beer was named after President Carter's brother?

What New York Rangers goalie once played for the Clinton Comets?

Who was the host of Twist-A-Rama?

What was the previous name of Mohawk Valley Community College?

What Utican sang "Tall Paul" in 1959?

What did you never dare to ask for at Pelletieri Joes?

16. What was the name of the bar in the old Hotel Utica?

At one time, what two parallel streets were "one way" in the same direction?

18. What famous hamburger joint was located on Oneida Square?

19. What Proctor grad played baseball for the Phillies and the Pirates?

Who sold raw clams on the corner of Mohawk Street & Bleecker Street?

What is the name of the clock tower at City Hall, and who is it named after?

What Utican served as Vice President of the United States under William Howard Taft?

What restaurant previously occupied what is now the Bagel Grove?

What restaurant offered beer and Limburger cheese, but only to men - no women allowed!

What was the name of the morning edition of the Utica newspaper?

What Utican was the original "Bozo The Clown" on WKTV?

A train track runs down the middle of what Utica street?

Who was the "Voice of Vernon Downs" for over 50 years?

What six high schools formed the old Central Oneida League?

What was the name of the New York style lunch restaurant across from the Hotel Utica?

Name five area drive-in theaters - which one still exists?

What was the name of the original motel built at Thruway Exit 31?

What Columbia Street baker invented a half-chocolate, half-vanilla pastry in the 1920's, and what was it called?

What Utica company was a major supplier of weapons in both World War I and World War II?

What Utica mayor wrote the book, "Utica Can"

What Utica mayor was a guest on the "Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson?

What store sold furniture bought by the carload?

What Civil War general from Utica wrote the melody for "Taps"?

What high school instrumental rock band from Utica recorded, "Wilma" in the mid 1960's? Yaba-da-ba-do!

Who opened the "Great Five Cent Store" in Utica in 1879, later to build a chain of over 1000 "five and dime" stores?

WKTV is known as News Channel 2. Pryor to 1959, what channel was WKTV?

42. What Utica pizzeria puts the tomato sauce on top of the cheese?

This WKTV announcer and weatherman was also host of a game show for local high school students. What was his name, and what was the game show?

A major heavyweight fight took place at Utica College in 1976. What boxer (undefeated at the time) won the fight, and who did he beat?

What famous avaitor made a forced landing in a North Utica cornfield because of a snowstorm?

What Utican was third base umpire at Yankee Stadium the day Roger Maris hit his record-breaking 61st home run?

47. Acclaimed author and journalist Roger Kahn wrote about his year as owner of what team in the 1985 book, "Good Enough to Dream"?

What Mafia assassin came to Utica in 1951 for his nephew's wedding and allegedly took a 10 percent share of East Utica's gambling rackets?

Whose statue stands at the corner of the Memorial Parkway and Mohawk Street?

The cat and primate building at the Utica Zoo was completed in 1927. Who presided over the opening of the Children's Zoo in 1967?

51. The Utica Memorial Auditorium was built in 1959. It offered completely unobstructed views, with no pillars to see around. What famous arena was actually modeled after the Utica Aud?

What is the last name of the current owners of the Bagel Grove?

What was the original location of Tehan's Wholesale?

What stamps were given out at grocery stores and gas stations, redeemable for gifts? And where did you go to redeem them?

What Utica institution displays framed artifacts from such literary figures as Robert Browning, Noah Webster, James Fenimore Cooper, Rudyard Kipling, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Charles Dickens?

In 1959, two talking beer mugs began promoting Utica Club on television. What were their names, and what famous comedian recorded both voices?

Unlike "those carbonated beers of today", what didn't Utica Club beer contain?

What Revolutionary War general was mortally wounded at the Battle of Oriskany?

Who operated an outdoor newsstand on Columbia Street for more than 50 years?

What Utican was Jimmy Piersall's Boston Red Sox roommate in 1952, the year Piersall was hospitalized for mental illness?

What are the names of Utica's two municipal swimming pools?

62. What well known car wax was developed in 1936 by Utican Charles H. Collins?

What Italian-American stonemason became "Artist-In-Residence" at Utica College? His works have been displayed in major museums and private collections.

The federal office building in Utica is named after what six-term U. S. Congressman?

Two Utica musicians performed with the band "Boston". Who are they?

A three day feast, held yearly on the last weekend in September at St. Anthony's & St. Agnes Parish, venerates two twin saints. Who are they?

What musical organization has provided traditional Italian music for religious processions and feasts in Utica for over 109 years?

68. What early landowner named ten Utica streets after himself and his family?

69. At Voss Bar-B-Q in Yorkville, how do you know when your order is ready?

In 1887 John Ripley Myers and William McLaren Bristol invested $5,000 in a failing company in Clinton, New York. It eventually grew into what global biopharmaceutical company?

71. At one time, this exotic dancer was a part owner of the Utica Blue Sox. She was famous for rushing the field at baseball games and other sporting events. Who was she?

72. The Pin-O-Rama has how many bowling lanes?

What area boxer won the world Welterweight title from Tony DeMarco, then won the world Middleweight title from Sugar Ray Robinson?

74. What Utica restaurant has been the favorite of many New York Yankees, having hosted such Yankee greats as Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra, Phil Rizzuto, Whitey Ford, Bobby Murcer, Gene Michael, Mike Torrez and Jimmy Key?

75. On what day of the week is braciole served at Pellettieri Joe's?

Name the six Saranac soft drink flavors.

What 1970's Utica band featured Michelle Raehm, Brian Raehm, Vinnie Esposito and Dean Blask?

78. The State Office Building in Utica has how many floors?

What 1960's night spot was located on Limberlost Road in Clinton?

80. Utica's John Zogby is a nationally known: a.) ski instructor b.) novelist c.) pollster d.) rap singer

81. What Oneida Square fast food business later became Burger King?

Manny's, on the corner of Pleasant & Oneida streets, made what "world famous" product? a.) tomato pie b.) chicken riggies c.) cheesecake d.) farm implements

Donovan Stadium on Burrstone Road is named after James H. Donovan. Who was he? a.) a third baseman for the Utica Blue Sox b.) a British songwriter who recorded "Mellow Yellow" c.) a New York State Senator d.) the grandfather of Donovan McNabb

Georgio Greens or Village Greens? Which one includes potatos?
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