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1. Steve Wynn

2. My Boys Shops

3. "Slapshot"

4. Dick Clark

5. The Busy Corner

6. Tony Sparagna's, which was originally on James Street (Tony's Spaghetti House)

7. Lou Lazzaro

8. The Utica, the Olympic and the Avon

9. The Schuyler

10. Billy Beer

11. Eddie Giacomin

12. Hank Brown

13. Mohawk Valley Technical Institute (MVTI)

14. Annette Funicello

15. Butter

16. The Lamplighter Room

17. The Memorial Parkway & Pleasant Street

18.  Kewpees

19. Dave Cash

20. Joe Yagey (Hindu)

21. The Tower Of Hope (Bob Hope)

22. James Schoolcraft Sherman

23. Lums

24. Donnaltys

25. The Daily Press

26. Ed Whitaker

27. Schuyler Street

28. Jim Moran

29. Proctor, UFA, Notre Dame, Whitesboro, New Hartford and Rome

30. The Imperial Restaurant

31. Marcy, New Hartford, North Utica, Schuyler and Rome - Rome still exists today!

32. The Country Squire

33. Harry Hemstrought - the halfmoon!

34. The Savage Arms Corporation

35. Dominick Assaro

36. Edward Hanna

37. Carload Cappy

38. General Daniel Butterfield

39. Andy (Cittadino) And The Classics

40. Frank W. Woolworth

41. Channel 13

42. O'Scugnizzo (O'Ska-neets)

43. Lyle Bosley was host of "High School Quiz".

44. Duane Bobick, managed by Joe Frazier, was 36-0 at the time. He defeated Chuck Wepner ("The Bayonne Bleeder") in a six round TKO.

45. Amelia Earhart in 1929

46. Alexander "Bobey" Salerno

47. Utica Blue Sox

48. Albert Anastasia (Murder Incorporated)

49. Christopher Columbus

50. Marlin Perkins

51. Madison Square Garden, built on top of Penn Station in 1968

52. Grove 

53. Corner of Conkling Ave. & James St. 

54. S&H Green Stamps - you brought your books of stamps to their location on Genesee Street, across from the Pin-O-Rama 

55. The Fort Schuyler Club

56. Schultz and Dooley! Both voices, one German and one Irish, were recorded by Jonathan Winters.

57. "artificial bubbles"

58. General Nicholas Herkimer

59. Helen Hoffman

60. Utility infielder Ted Lepcio - on several occasions, Lepcio kept Piersall from being beaten up by his own teammates -

61. Addison Miller and Buckley

62. Collinite

63. Henry DiSpirito

64. Alexander Pirnie

65. Fran Cosmo and Tommy DeCarlo

66. Cosmas & Damian

67. La Banda Rossa (The Red Band)

68. Rutger Bleeker, wife Catherine Bleeker, son John Bleeker and daughters Elizabeth Brinkerhoff, Mary Miller, Blandina Dudley and Sarah Bleeker. For good measure, he included Morris Miller (son-in-law), Horatio Seymour (grandson-in-law) and the executor of his will, John Lansing!

69. They give you a brightly colored, plastic letter or number from a kids playset!

70. Bristol Myers, today's Bristol Myers Squibb

71. Morganna, the Kissing Bandit

72. 48

73. Carmen Basilio

74. Ventura's

75. Tuesday

76. Root Beer, Diet Root Beer, Ginger Beer, Orange Cream, Shirley Temple and Black Cherry Cream

77. Target

78. 16

79. Livingston's Ale House

80.  c.) pollster

81. Carrol's

82. cheesecake

83. a New York State Senator

84. Village Greens

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